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Call Centers

voIPer gives you the best software solutions for your Call Center needs.

Thanks to our own engineering, we have developed a software that allows you to manage in a more professional way your call centers incoming and outgoing calls.

With the voIPer for Call Centers product you will have a Professional Call Centers service::
- Web administration
- Do-Not-Call List support
- Support for breaks generation and configuration
- Support for integration of external applications (CRM, Forms) in campaigns
- Support for forms designing
- Assistant for speech generation
- Attention speech storage
- Support for retries in outbound campaigns
- Support for exporting reports to spreadsheets, PDF and CSV
- Web-based agent control panel
- Call transfer support from control panel
- Place a call on hold
- Support for incoming and outgoing campaigns
- Support for call scheduling in outbound campaigns
- Support for call scheduling assigned to the same agent
- Support for call back login
- Run Multiple Campaigns at the same time
- Monitoring an agent assigned to a call
- Support for call recording by queues
- Predictive Dialler
- Support for short call threshold settings
- Set a maximum waiting period for a call dialled
- Support for prediction on / off
- Automatic call from a list of numbers

- Report of breaks
- Call Detail
- Calls per hour
- Calls per agent
- On hold period
- Login / Logout
- Successful incoming calls
- Call graph per hour
- Agent Information
- Trunks used per hour
- Monitoring agents
- Incoming call monitoring
- Campaign monitoring

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