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Virtual Fax

Su servicio de fax en internet

With voIPer you will have a totally virtual fax service. You will receive the faxes in the email and send them through the voIPer client panel.

You no longer need a fax machine, VoIPer will save costs and improve functionality for you.

How does voIPer virtual fax work?
Write a fax.
Attach the file in the VoIPer client panel and send it.
Receive the “sending status” through email.
Receive all the faxes sent to you in your email or in your VoIPer client panel.

voIPer virtual fax rates:
The cost of the fax service is € 6.95 per month.

This price includes:
A national number for you to send and receive faxes.
Web management panel.
Notification service.

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