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Bulk SMS

Create massive SMS campaigns, send and measure results.

In three steps, you can carry out a massive SMS sending from our SMSVOIPER Platform.
1. Upload Contacts from a file
2. Create a message
3. Schedule the message

Our platform offers you the following possibilities:

Customizable sender
Put the name of your company in the message header. The addressee will know immediately who is sending the SMS, it will increase the visibility of your Brand

Personalize the Message
Use variables in the message to personalize it with the name of the addressee or what you need. This way it will seem that you have written each message one by one.

Delivery Report
View and download the delivered messages in real time. Have complete control of your campaigns with the reports. You can download the information.

Secure Connection
Our connections direct network ensures that we deliver directly to the operator in less than 3 seconds on a secure and high quality connection.


A service we offer, to allow other Software to use our Messaging Platform, adapted to their needs.
Through the API the information is stored and maintained in our infrastructure. This offers faster message sending speed and lower traffic for the system.
The use of SMS simplifies and streamlines business processes and can even play a vital role improving the management and results.

  • SMS Rates  
  • 100 SMS 9.00€
  • 200 SMS 17.00€
  • 500 SMS 40.00€
  • 1000 SMS 70.00€
  • 5000 SMS 300.00€
  • 10000 SMS 550.00€

If you want more information and prices for larger volumes of SMS, contact our commercial team.

* Only SMS to national mobiles available.

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