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From shipping companies to Hospitality and Hospitals, VoIPer develops the perfect platform for each of its clients.


MRW, several branches of MRW have trusted their communications to Voiper.

With a big volume of incoming calls, these agencies need the capacity to receive an important volume of calls at the same time at the same phone number. Voiper provides them with a virtual desktop with wireless terminals and headphones to make the capacity of the agents easier to attend the calls having their hands free to use the computer or pc at all time.

The Voiper virtual desktop, allows the people at the contact centre to manage a big volume of incoming calls, control and optimize the staff that they have to attend and making calls.


Norwegian Airlines

The Norwich airline trusted Voiper so their ground staff signed from their mobile device, the starting and finishing hours of their working day.
Voiper, as part of its cloud solutions strategy, it has developed a powerful platform that allows the registration of the working hours of their staff. Control in an easy and efficient way the working hours in your company and comply with the new legal regulations in the Royal Decree-law 8/2019, of the 8th of March.



Inoffices sum a total of 11 business centres all over Spain and needed a virtual desktop in the cloud that connect them all, as well as to price and charge their customers calls.
Voiper has supplied them with a powerful virtual desktop that permits to connect all their head offices, price, control and charge the calls that their clients make.


Los Mellizos

Los Mellizos is an emblematic company of the Spanish coast with more than 10 restaurants, they use a virtual desktop to connect all their restaurants with their head offices.
Los Mellizos also have a booking centre managed by our communication system in the cloud.


Vasari Resort

This hotel complex located in Marbella, has relied on VoIPer to install a virtual switchboard that allows it to rate calls to its customers and, in turn, is integrated with its hotel management software (PMS)


Villasan y Puertas

Another typical use case for VoIPer virtual switchboards is a company that has offices in several countries.
This is the case of Villasan y Puertas, a transport company based in Italy and Spain.

With the VoIPer virtual switchboard, both offices are connected and the calls between them are internal. In addition, they can receive and make calls using Spanish or Italian numbers.


Hospital Costa del Sol

This hospital is an example of the multiple uses or integrations of our virtual switchboards.
In your underground car park, we have installed a virtual switchboard integrated with the car park barriers to allow operators to open or close them from their mobile devices.


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