Call Center

Professionalize your call centre with our predictive dialler.

Voiper puts at your disposal a powerful software for a call centre in the cloud.

  • No fixed term,
  • 100% secure encrypted communications.
  • Agent monitoring.
  • Report panel.
  • Auto-dialler.
  • Predictive dialler.

Implement powerful software with WebRTC technology in you call centre from just 12€ per position/stand.

What is Voiper call centre Software?

Voiper is a powerful tool that allows you to improve, increase productivity and control you call centre.

Request a demo of our call centre software without obligation.

Would you like to know more about the Voiper call centre software? Contact us without obligation and one or our commercial advisors will give you a remote demonstration of all the possibilities of our predictive dialler.


Why choose Voiper auto-dialler software?

Some reasons to choose our auto dialler are the follows:

Report panel

The auto-dialler tool incorporates a powerful reporting panel that allows you to have full control of what happens in you call centre.

Monitorin agents

From the supervisor panel of our automatic dialler call software, you can monitor the activity of all agents in real time, accessing or intervening in their communications for proper training and control of all staff.

WebTRC technology

Thanks to the WebTRC technology Voiper uses the latest encryption technology TLS1.2, this allows to offer 100% secure calls.

Technical support

We have a great support team to resolve any incident you may have

Voiper predictive dialres features.

Are you looking to implement a tool in your call centre that allows you to increase your productivity? Voiper Predictive dialler will help you do just that. Its most outstanding features are the following:

Voiper Call Centre allows you to intuitively, effectively and efficiently manage different, types of telephone campaigns concurrently: Inbound, outbound preview, outbound IVR blasting and predictive outbound

At Voiper we are specialized in business communications in the cloud. If you need information about virtual switchboard, videoconference, telephone numbering or webRTC, do not hesitate to contact us.

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