Telephone switchboard

Professionalize your business telephone assistance with a cloud service.
Voiper develops the Ip Voice the WebRTC technology.

  • No permanence commitment.
  • 100% secure encrypted communications
  • NO hardware investment
  • Easily integrated with your CRM or ERP.
  • Devices for rent available
  • Unlimited calls

Implement in your company Voiper PBX with WebRTC technology from only 5€ per stand/ position

What is the Voiper Switchboard?

The Voiper Switchboard, is a powerful tool that will allow you to improve and increase the control of the communications of your company with no need of any physically installations or cabling.

Try our Voiper switchboard free.

Would you like to try our Voiper switchboard? Modernize your old switchboard and try our IP Voiper switchboard free with no commitment for 30-days.

With the new technology webRTC, you can put extensions in the browser, that will let you communicate easily receiving calls directly on the computer screen, a mobile app or a tablet with no need to by any handsets.


Why choose the Voiper Switchboard/ Call centre?

These are some of the reasons:

Secur calls

Thanks to the webRTC technology Voiper uses the latest TLS 1.2 encryption technology which allows it to offer 100% secure calls.

Integral advice

Our team of consultants will guide you to implement the most effective solution for you company.

Quick support

We have a great support team to solve any incident you may have.

Total control of your communications

With our reporting models, you can have total control of your company´s communications.

We can also integrate the Voiper virtual PBX with your current CRM or ERP to have all the management of your business centralized.

Features of the voiper dashboard

Give your company a tool that will allow them to professionalize their communications increasing the sales, improving the communications with their clients and empowering your team´s collaboration.

Voiper allows you to work form anywhere with internet connection from multiple devices: mobile phones, tablets, computers, or handsets. This way, wherever you are, you can maintain your business communications.

If you want to try a Voiper switchboard for a 30-day free trial, fill out the form and one of our advisors will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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