Voice mail is an optional service available in Voiper virtual switchboards, which allows you to collect all the call that you cannot answer without the need for specific hardware.

You just have to activate it in a very simple way in the Voiper administrator panel.

  • Configurable form the administrator panel or from the extension panel.
  • You can receive you messages in your email.
  • It has no additional cost.
  • Once voice mailbox can be configured for each extension.
  • Personalized welcome message.

Collect all your calls without devices, as the voicemail will do it for you.
The Voiper voicemail service collects all the calls that cannot answer without the need for any new equipment to use it.

It is available from your own virtual switchboard and you only have to activate it in your administrator panel.

What is the voice mail?

In many occasions, telephone calls are received that cannot be answered, ant the interlocutors leave a message on their company´s voice mailbox.

Many times, these messages may wait to be answered the next day, but there are others that, due to their importance, need to me managed at the same time. For this, the Voiper virtual switchboard offers your voice mail functionality at no additional cost.

The Voiper voice mailbox sends you the voice messages left on the answering machine of the virtual switchboard by mail at the real time.

This functionality is highly appreciated by companies and executives who want to obtain real-time information on the pending procedures on the company, especially when the office is out of hours, at a time of telephone saturation or during vacation periods

Main features of voiper voice mail

You can configure the answering machine so that your voicemail answers with a completely personalized voice-over. Once the voiceover has been recorded, you can change it at any time, and if you prefer, you can revert to the default voiceover.

If you want to try a Voiper Switchboard for a 30-day free trial, fill out the form and one of our advisors will contact you as soon as possible.

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