VoIPer launches unlimited calls on its switchboard products.

With the new unlimited rate*, you will be able to control you spending avoiding diversions on your phone costs.

  • No fixed terms
  • 100% secure encrypted communications.
  • easily scalable service
  • Report panel.

Modernize your business communications with plans. From only 5€ per position/Stand

*The unlimited calling plan is currently available for call to mobile landlines in Spain. .

Call rates

If your company needs to make international calls, Voiper has the best solution, pay only for what you consume without call establishment and, charging per second.

Centralita virtual Voiper


Voiper includes remote support and commercial advice in all services so that you always have support at all levels of you contracted services at no additional cost.
In addition, if you need it, we have face-to-face support throughout the Spanish territory.


We are aware that the communications are a great importance for companies, which is why Voiper implements an automatic backup system in all tis virtual switchboards so that incoming calls are automatically diverted to a number that you indicate to us in case of failure of you office internet connectivity.

Telephone numbering

Voiper can provide you with all the numbering you need, whether it is national, international or smart network.
National numbering of Spain:

Geographic numbering
Reverse charge
Shared payment
Payment for the caller

Obtain a virtual number form Spain or from more than 50 countries at the best price from just 4€ per month.

If you want to try one of the Voiper services for a 30-day free trial, fill out the form and one of our consult will get in touch with you as soon as possible

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    VoIPer es líder en telefonía IP para empresas. Con nosotros, aumentará las funcionalidades en las comunicaciones de su empresa, reduciendo los costes hasta un 90%.

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      VoIPer is the leader in business IP telephony. With us, you will increase the functionalities in your company’s communications, reducing costs up to 90%.

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