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IVR or Interactive Voice Response

Organize your business incoming calls with the IVR of Voiper virtual switchboards.

With the Voiper IVR solution you will get:

  • incoming calls automatically according to the department, language or time.
  • A graphical interface to implement the dialogues and different menus.
  • An automatic voice recorder.
  • Activation and deactivation of night mode in the control unit.
  • A graphical interface for your clients to access the options menu.
  • Classify the reception of calls by department of the company.

What is the Voiper IVR?

What is IVR or also known as interactive voice response, is a technology that allows the customers to interact with the telephone system through configurable voice menus, via DMTF

In the IVR system integrated is the Voiper virtual switchboard, the caller has the opportunity to select between several options through a menu of options. For example: “if you want to speak to administration, press 1, if you want to speak to sales, press 2..”

By pressing the number of the option with whom you want to speak, a DTMF tone is sent to the Voiper virtual switchboard system which, depending on the number pressed, selects the appropriate action.

In this way, the company, thanks to the configuration of the Voiper virtual switchboard, will have some people or others assigned to receive these calls, depending on the option marked.

Why choose IVR from Voiper?

The main feature of the VoIPer IVR system is that it can handle a large number of incoming phone calls at one time. With interactive voice response, companies can reduce costs and improve customer management.

In addition, another of its characteristics and benefits is that IVR improves the image of the company, since it allows the client to be taken directly to the department with which they want to speak, without the need to transfer calls later.

Today, all types of business can use the IVR system if they have a virtual Voiper switchboard in their company. Above all, in terms of image, companies often use it, even if they don´t really have a hight volume of calls or, even if only one or two people answer them.

If you want to try a Voiper virtual switchboard for a 30- day free trial, fill in the form an one of our advisors will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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