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Masive SMS

Create massive SMS campaigns, send them and measure the results.
Voiper puts on your disposal all communication channels in the cloud.

  • No fixed term.
  • 100% secure encrypted communications.
  • In only three steps you can send from our massive SMS platform SMSVOIPER.
  • Loading contacts in our agenda from file.
  • Creation of the message.
  • Sending scheduling.

Send a massive SMS campaign from the Voiper dashboard quick, easy and cheap

What are the Voiper massive SMS?

Our intuitive platform allows you to send massive SMS from the Voiper panel in just a few minutes.

Due to an open rate of 95%, SMS is your best ally to get your company´s message to your customers. Don’t wait any longer and try our SMSVOIPER product.

Request a Demo of our massive SMS tool with no obligation.

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Why choose our massive SMS sending tool?

Some of the reasons to choose our bulk SMS sending tool are the following:

Personalized sender

Put the name of you company on the headline of the message. The recipient will know who is sending the SMS, it will increase the visibility of your brand and increase its open rate by making your contact recognize your SMS.

Personalize the message

Use variable within the message to personalize it with the recipient´s name or whatever you need, this way it will appear that you have written each message on at time.

Delivery report

View and download messages that have been delivered in real time. Have complete control over you campaigns with reports. Information can be downloaded.

Secure connection

With our direct network of connections you can send massive SMS since we deliver directly to the operator in less than 3 seconds in a secure and high-quality connection

In addition, we make our Api SMS available to you:

It is a service that we offer, to allow other software to use our messaging platform, in a flexible way and adapted to their needs.

hrough the API, the information in our infrastructure is stored and kept updated. This offers higher speed to send massive SMS and less traffic for the system.

The use of SMS simplifies and Streamlines business processes, and may even play a vital role in improving the management of the company and in the income statement.

Get to know the applications of massive sms

By contracting the SMSVOIPR service, you have access to a wide set of SMS communication tools.
The functionalities built into the texting system are helpful at every stage or the sales process:

  • Collecting databases in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Guarantee the credibility of the brand.
  • Accomplish an effective marketing.
  • Supervise the effectiveness of the companies and interact with the consumers.

One of the keys to the success of massive SMS sending is the contact database. Mobile communication and SMS marketing follow GDPR guidelines, as long as they respect the privacy of the recipients.

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