Professional voice recording

One of the advantages of Voiper virtual switchboard is that it allows you to personalize professional telephone announcements. In this way, you have control over what your customers- or potential customers – will hear when they call your company, and zb>you can start preparing the sale for the moment your switchboard takes the calls.

  • Configurable form the administrator panel or form the extension panel.
  • Text-to-speech recording at no additional cost.
  • Possibility of uploading an audio file of the speech.
  • Possibility of recording the voiceovers by a professional speaker.
  • Large amount of selectable standby music.

Voiceovers for the telephone switchboards can meet many objectives and you always have to try to convey the image of your company. So if your company wants to five a professional image, it will also have to be reflected in the telephone service, including professional voiceovers.

Reasons to put a professional telephone voice recording in your virutal swithcboard

Telephone support is one of the first contacts a potential customer has with your company.

If we want to convey an image of seriousness and professionalism, we must take care of all aspects and, both the welcome telephone announcements and the music on hold are one of those aspects.

When a phone call is received in your company, if the client hears a professional voiceover, with a goof voice and an adequate and clear rhythm and tone, it will undoubtedly increase your sales possibilities.

Most common types of telephone announcements for switchboards

With this voiceover, you inform customers of your company name. It is the first thing that customers who call the company hear an must identify the company and explain what will happened next: shortly you will be attended by our staff; select which department you want to speak to, etc.

Music on hold from the voiper virtual switchboard

Music on hold is the melody, speech or simple tone that entertains the caller when the call is put on hold or paused.

In the Voiper virtual switchboard, music on hold is offered only to calls from outside, being the same melody for call on hold and paused.

The melody prerecorded in the switchboard can be replaced by any type of telephone announcement for switchboards by the customer, a warning tone or a music file. In any case, the selected sound file will be repeated constantly as long as the communications is on hold or paused.

In general, the available music on hold options are:

  • No music on hold. The held party does not hear any sound.
  • Waiting notice. The held party hears a choppy tone, indicating waiting.
  • Internal music. The held party listens to the music pre-recorded on the system.

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