Call recording

This is one of the most important functionalities of the Voiper virtual switchboard, thanks to the recording of calls, you will be able to control the quality offered by your telephone customer service.

Characteristics of call recordings:

  • Configurable form the administrator panel of from the extension panel.
  • It can be executed from the Voiper terminals or from the mobile apps.
  • Call recordings are stored in the cloud and can be downloaded or deleted.
  • Possibility of recording incoming or outgoing, all the calls or on demand calls.

Companies have increasingly powerful tools to obtain information about their clients or potential clients.

Adapting to them thanks to the collection of information helps to consolidate relationships, making loyalty or recruitment easier.

Uses of call recording

Uses of recording calls from virtual Voiper Switchboard.

Companies use call recording for many purposes, but among the most important:

  • As legal support to make contracts: many companies make telephone contracts with their customers. In these cases, it is essential to correctly record a store the call, this call recording is a fully binding contract if a series of legal requirements are fulfilled, the most important is to announce to the customer that the call will be recorded.
  • As an aid to training or improving the service: when training new employees in the telephone service, it is very useful to have a sample of recorded calls to be able to improve or correct errors when answering or making calls.
  • Collect information: Both, customers and employees, since it will allow to have a history of the conversations carried out to analyse and improve what is deemed appropriate.

Types of call recordings available

With Voiper call recording, you can determine which extensions will be recorded or if these will be made on demand.

Recording of all the calls
If we select this option in the Voiper control panel, all the incoming and outgoing calls will be recorded in the extensions that we decide and will be stored in the cloud.

The call recording option also works when we use the extension on the mobile with the VoIPer APP.

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