Telephone rating

If you need to quantify the telephones expenses of your clients, the VoIPer telephone rating is the solution in the cloud.

  • Integration with PMS o ERP.
  • 100% secure Encrypted communications.
  • Check-in and check-out management.
  • Billing of your client’s telephone expenses.
  • Tarificación del gasto telefónico de sus clientes.

Set up in your hotel, business centre or coworking a powerful software in the cloud that gathers all the features of a virtual Desktop with the possibility of rating the calls and charge those made by the clients of your establishment

What is the telephone rating of VoIPer?

The telephone rating of VoIPer es a virtual desktop design for establishments that need to price and charge the calls that your clients make. Like hotels, hostels or coworking

Request a Demo of our Telephone rating with no commitment.

Would you like to know more about the VoIPer desktop with telephone rating? Contact us with no obligation and one of our commercial advisers will give a remote demonstration of all the possibilities of our telephone rating.


Why choose Voiper phone rating software?

Some of the reasons to choose our telephone rating system are the following:

Report panel

The tool incorporates a powerful reporting panel that allows you to have total control of what happens in you call centre.

Rates and charging calls

From the VoIPer customer panel you will be able to manage the price and margins of the calls that the customers make in their establishments.

WebRTC technology

Thanks to the webRTC technology Voiper uses the latest TLS 1.2 encryption technology, this allows offering 100% secure calls.

Integration with PMS or ERP

We also integrate the virtual switchboard with call rate with your hotel ERP or PMS.

Features of the Voiper telephone rating.

Are you looking to implement a call rate system in your establishment? The Virtual switchboard with Voiper call rates will help you to achieve this. Its most outstanding features are the following:

From this panel, you will be able to register new clients for your business centre as well as create extensions or assign them a number. This will allow you to dynamically manage the flow of clients that register or leave your coworking space,

At Voiper we are specialized in business communications in the cloud. If you need information about virtual switchboard, videoconference, telephone numbering or webRTC, do not hesitate to contact us.

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