Call forwarding

Call forwarding is one of the most important features of the Voiper virtual Switchboard, thanks to the forwarding configured in the Voiper control panel you will not miss any calls regardless of the physical place where you are.

  • Configurable from the administrator panel or from the extension panel.
  • 100% secure encrypted communications.
  • It can be carried out from Voiper terminals.
  • It has no additional cost.
  • Call forwarding can be configured within the switchboard or to external numbers.

Thanks to this service, you can divert calls from an extension of the Voiper virtual switchboard to a telephone, landline or mobile, an extension or a voice mailbox.

This allows you to relocate your workplace and is an important tool for teleworking.
The call forwarding functionality, in addition to being able to me made to a personal phone, can also be configured to be forwarded to an extension of the Voiper virtual switchboard so that the caller can be answered more quickly.
It is also possible to divert calls according to schedules either to landlines, mobiles, extensions or to the voice mailbox, which will notify you that you have a message by sending you an email in real time.

Top Voiper Call forwarding utilities.

With the call forwarding functionality of the VoIPer virtual switchboard You can configure your extension or your headline numbering so that incoming calls are automatically forwarded to another number or extension when you cannot answer. That is, if you are not going to be in the office or working, you can divert calls to your mobile for a while so you can answer them.

The diversion will be executed automatically in the time that you determine form when you receive the call, and it is not answered.
This automatic forwarding can be configured to go to a mobile phone, to an extension, to a voice mailbox or to voice-over.


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