Features of the virtual switchboard

With the Voiper virtual switchboard you will have a wide variety of functionalities at your fingertips.

You will be able to access al the functionalities of the virtual switchboard from your control panel in a simple way.

Click To Call

The click to call service is simply a small code that we add to our website, in the form of a button, form which users can make a call directly to our company, without having to dial any number and without having to leave the website. In case they are not available at that time, they can leave a number so that we can contact them later.

This small application is usually located on the main page, on the home page of the web or, in the contact area. It has been proven that it greatly increases the intentionality of customers when communicating with our company, sin it facilitates the action of making a phone call. After pressing the button and entering your number, you will receive a call in a matter of seconds.

Click to call implementation configuration.

Implementing the Voiper Click to Call button widget couldn´t be easier. In the case of being HTML or custom website, you just have to insert a small code in each page where you want the button to appear.

If the website is created in WordPress, it can be installed using a free plugin for that purpose. Making implementation easier.

On the other hand, to take full advantage of the options of Click2Call button, it is advisable to customize the button in line with the corporate image, in a way that respects the design.

Some aspects that can be configured are following:

  • Click2Call button aesthetic design.
  • Decide whether the number of telephones will be showed or not, to the person who you call.
  • Select the telephone line that will be given to the users
  • Specify whether it is necessary to limit incoming calls or whether to configure some forbidden calls.
  • Establish contact hours and create notices outside of these.

Fax to email

Fax to email is a tool that allows you to send and receive faxes safely with a considerable dree of flexibility and mobility.

Until recently, the only way of attaching a document under these conditions involved the use of a fax machine. A bulky machine that needed tons of paper, ink and took up too much.

With the expansion of the internet and email, many are the sector that have abandoned the fax system. However, some are legally forced to use it or by the practice of their clients or suppliers who still handle to continue using it.

In Voiper we have our fax to email tool. True evolution of the fax machine. The Fax to email combines the technology of the traditional machine with the electronic mails to procure an improvement in flexibility and savings.

The operation is simple: The Fax to email user will be able to receive and send fax documents directly from their computer, managing them from their Voiper control panel.

In addition to the convenience provided, many advantages invite companies to take the step and subscribe to a Fax or email service.

Fax to email is an environmentally friendly system. This argument is particularly appreciated by companies that want to develop their activities in sustainable way. As its name implies, Fax to email uses emails to do what was formerly done with machines, paper, ink and many more elements thar are not very respectful of the environment.

The many advantages of Fax to email over drawbacks of traditional fax machines tip the balance towards the Fax to email system.

Call transfers

The call transfer functionality of the Voiper virtual switchboard consists or transferring calls form one extension to another without having to cut off the communication with your interlocutor, If during a call the need arises to transfer the call to a colleague or to another place, thanks to this functionality you can transfer the call without having to hang up and call again.

How to make a call transfer with the virtual control unit?

There are several types of call transfers in the Voiper virtual switchboard. Some can be configured in the administration panel or the virtual PBX and the others can be configured directly form the terminals of from the extension panel.

In general, transfers can be made in the following ways:


Dialing key sequences from the terminals

The sequences that we must dial to make the transfers depend on the type of transfer we want to make, if it is an attended transfer you will have to dial #2 followed by the extension number to which we want to transfer the call, if on the contrary it is an unattended transfer, we will have to press #1 followed by the extension number.

If we want to recover the call, the extension we are talking to must hang up and, if we finally want to transfer it, we must hang up the call ourselves.

With buttons form the webRTC terminal

Our solutions also have specific buttons on the terminal for transferring calls, you can connect from any device and from our virtual switchboard panel you will have buttons at hand, with just one click, to transfer calls directly or attended by any colleague. This saves time by not having to enter dialing sequences.

Types of call transfers:

If you receive a call at your extension and need to pass it on the a colleague because the call is not for you or because you are the person receiving the call and the transferring them to the appropriate people or departments, you can transfer calls from one phone to another without hang up and without any cost.

The extensions of the Voiper virtual switchboard can be used anywhere in the world and through the device of your choice; mobile, computer, tablet…, call transfers, therefore, you can do them with the same advantages. Calls can be transferred from one phone to another if agents are connected from their mobiles, or from a mobile to a computer no matter where in the world people are, if they have an Internet connection.

Call transfers between extensions can be of 2 types:

Unattended call transfer:

This option is used when you want to transfer calls directly without first talking to your colleague. He passes the interlocutor with the partner and leaves them in contact without putting him on hold at any time

Attended call transfer:

This option is used when you need to consult something with your colleague before transferring the call. First open the communication with your partner and then pass to the interlocutor leaving them to speak. In this case, while you are talking to your partner, the interlocutor will be on hold listening to music.

Call reports

Call reports Knowing your company’s call flow will allow you to make more effective decisions and focus resources on the departments where you need them most.

Take advantage of the detailed call reports of the VoIPer virtual switchboard to see the flow of your incoming and outgoing calls and filter the calls using advanced search to get the information you need.

With the advanced search you can determine what types of calls and what information you want to see in the call report of your virtual exchange.

By default, the call report includes all calls made and received through the virtual switchboard. From there we can add filters and later download the report in Excel or CSV.

Filter types:

Allows you to select the extension from which to get the call report.

Spy and whisper

With this functionality of the VoIPer virtual switchboard, you will be able to monitor your agents in real time.

Sales and customer service companies benefit even more from this functionality. Sales departments and customer service centres need specialized calling functions to manage the high volume of incoming and outgoing calls effectively.

Features like call tapping and whispering are important tools for sales managers and call centre supervisors. They can be helpful for training, effective quality assurance, improving customer satisfaction, and providing better service to callers.

  • Improve your phone results.
  • Improve the training of new agents.
  • Improve your phone service.

Características de Spy and whisper

Listen / spy mode.

Listening to calls allows supervisors to monitor calls live without interference. You can take notes on the agent’s performance to provide feedback later and improve their performance.

Whisper / whisper mode

Whispering calls allows supervisors to talk to the agent without the customer being aware of what is happening. It is useful in situations where the agent runs out of arguments or has no response to the customer’s query and needs to intervene.

Intervention mode

The next mode is call tapping. Supervisors can jump into the call between the agent and the customer and talk to both parties at the same time. You can instantly turn a two-person call into a three-party conference call.

This functionality is included with the VoIPer virtual switchboard.

Switchboard integrated in the mobiles

The unstoppable evolution of mobile technology has meant that communications, purchasing patterns and behaviours – of users and companies – have been affected by new patterns that increase the performance of these devices.

For this favourable situation to translate into business effectiveness, companies need to adapt. For this, the switchboard in the cloud is the most important tool, since it allows the integration of mobile lines at a negligible cost.

Among the reasons that we can highlight to integrate the switchboard in the mobile we can highlight:

  • Immediacy: If you have the switchboard diverted to the mobile, you will not miss any calls, so it will offer an immediate response.
  • Mobility: This integration will allow your employees to answer calls even if they are not at their job, even when outside of Spain.
  • Reduction in telephone costs.


This functionality is included with the VoIPer virtual switchboard


Call queues.

The call queue is a service included in the VoIPer virtual switchboards. With this functionality, multiple operators can answer different calls that are waiting in a call queue.

This service involves:

  • Call queue: you can define a call queue, with a maximum number of operators that are joined at the same time and a maximum number of simultaneous calls in the queue.
  • Operator: Operators are the ones who answer the calls that are waiting in the queues. To define an operator, you must assign an extension of the VoIPer virtual switchboard.
  • xtension: the call queues are associated with the PBX extensions. If you place a call queue at an extension, when a customer accesses you will have to wait until an operator picks up the call. Call queues are placed before extension diversions, so if a customer leaves the call queue for any reason, they will follow the extension’s normal path (diversions, voice mailboxes, hops, etc.) .
  • Caller: this is a customer who calls his VoIPer Virtual PBX number and dials an extension that has a call queue associated with it.

This functionality is included with the VoIPer virtual switchboard.

Incoming call blocking

If there is a number that does not stop bothering you, simply block it so that your calls cannot enter the VoIPer virtual switchboard.

When you block a number, you can specify what you want the caller to hear. You can make a busy or congested tone sound each time this person calls.

No matter what type of blocking you set, you ensure that calls from the numbers you have specified will not reach the virtual switchboard.

You can make these blockages from the control panel of the VoIPer virtual switchboard.

Call capture

This functionality of the VoIPer virtual switchboard will allow you to pick up calls that ring at another extension of the switchboard without having to get up from your workstation.

This capture is done by dialling a simple sequence of keys from the terminal of your virtual switchboard.

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