Integrate your VoIPer Virtual PBX and call centre software with your favourite CRM and Helpdesk.

The VoIPer virtual PBX and the CRM perform closely related functions in a company. From the virtual VoIPer switchboard all company calls are made and received. On the other hand, the CRM manages the relationship with the company’s contacts and strengthens the quality of the interactions that occur. Separately they fulfil important functions, but when linked they optimize their performance and efficiency.

  • More efficient customer service.
  • Identification of the client that contacts the company.
  • Contact the customer from your company’s CRM.
  • Record of interactions with customers.
  • Automatic opening of the client’s file.

With the integration of the VoIPer virtual switchboard with your CRM, your team will have their office in the cloud accessible from anywhere in the world.

Integrate Voiper with existing tools

ODDO, is the best business management software to run your own business. Millions of satisfied users work better with its integrated applications.

ZAPIER, is a complete tool web that allows us to connect different applications with each other and automate work processes.

SALESFORCE, is a cloud-based platform that provides a unified view of you clients in an integrated platform.

ZOHO, is a single, powerful software suite to manage your entire business.

ZOHO, is a single, powerful software suite to manage your entire business.

SLACK, is a collaboration tool that can replace email and help you and your team work easier.

DOLIBARR, Dolibarr ERP/CRM is a fully modular software for business management of SMEs, independent professionals, self-starters, or associations.

TEAMLEADER, team leader is a platform that unifies CRM, Project management, invoicing, support system and incident management.

Why should a CRM be integrated with the company´s phone service?

CRMs by themselves do not have a powerful VoIP phone system, some are provided with very basic and limited systems. This is where the VoIPer virtual switchboard comes into play with its potential to receive and make calls in the cloud. Its services together with the management and databases of the CRM enhance the results and productivity of your team.

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      VoIPer is the leader in business IP telephony. With us, you will increase the functionalities in your company’s communications, reducing costs up to 90%.

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