Feel free to work wherever you want by videoconference online.

Voiper videoconference is a powerful solution for medium-sized work teams to hold virtual work meetings. Furthermore, it is integrated with the Voiper virtual switchboard.

The functionalities of the Voiper business videoconference system are as follows:

  • No fixed term
  • 100% secure encrypted communications.
  • You can launch web video calls or videoconferences form the Voiper user panel.
  • Unlimited participants
  • Unlimited duration
  • Application for use from mobile devises

Why choose Voiper videoconference software?

Cost savings
Travel expenses increase quickly. Take a web video call and eliminate employee transportation, hotel and meal costs. Voiper videoconference is far less expensive.
Reducing the travel costs of just one employee greatly outweighs the cost of a virtual meeting system than can be use throughout the company.

Colaboration in its purest form.

With the Voiper videoconference business video conferencing system, you can have professional online meetings or make video call from the same Voiper user panel.

Easy online meetings

Voiper video conferencing brings people from all over the world together. It´s like attending in person, even when you can´t be there.

Get involved in any of our devices, enjoy hd quality audio and video or share your screen from your pc or from your mobile device. voiper videoconference is the best solution for your cooperate communications.

Request a demo of our business videoconferencing system without commitment

With the different types of videoconferencing that you can carry out, you will be able to provide the members of your company with the possibility of managing all communication channels from the same panel, be it calls, SMS, video calls or videoconferences.

In addition, VoIPer video conferencing has no limitations in terms of number of participants or meeting time.
With the communication tools of Voiper, you will be able to relocate the members of your company, making teleworking easier.

If you want to try Voiper videoconferencing for a 30-day free trial, fill out the form and one of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible.

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