Call filter

With the call filter of the Voiper virtual switchboard, you will be able to create and indicate as many time slots and filters as you want in a day or a week. Define specific distribution rules for each time slot from your switchboard control panel.

  • Configurable from the administrator panel.
  • Calls can be directed both to extensions and to external landlines or mobiles. .
  • It has no additional cost. .
  • You can configure as many time slots as you need. .

Call routing

Voiper time-based call routing is a feature that will allow you to route incoming calls. Call filtering a time based call routing is perhaps the most popular tool among businesses or all sizes as it offers a more comprehensive solution than the rest.

Call routing is a suitable solution for companies with several offices spread over different time zones, as you can extend the hours of telephone service without requiring additional staff.

Even a small business can benefit from routing on based on its call and time filter by allowing your remote employees to handle incoming calls based on their time zone instead of fixed working hours.

Effective distribution of incoming calls is a must for organizations, especially if you have customers who need 24/7 assistance. It is yet another tool, included in the Voiper virtual switchboard, to improve the telephone service experience of your customers.

With this powerful tool, you will have the ability to direct incoming calls based on the hours you receive them, thus increasing the productivity of your company.


Most important utilities of voiper call filters

Give your company a tool they will allow you to professionalize your communications by increasing your sales opportunities, improving communications with your customers and enhancing the collaboration of your team

Redirect incoming calls based on your business hours.

Simply configure the opening and closing hours of your company or departments and, configure a suitable telephone welcome thanks to the call filter: welcome message or after hours. The create as many time slots as you need based on you opening hours or hours of your different departments (morning, afternoon, etc).

Call routing practical example

Let´s say your company has two offices in different countries. If a customer calls the sales offices before 4:00 pm, they can speak to an agent at the Spanish office.

After the office in Spain closes at 4:00 pm, incoming calls will be sent to the office in the United States until 12:33 pm, as it will still be open.

After both offices close, you can direct the m to voicemail or even mobile numbers of those in charge.

enrutamiento-ejemplo 1
enrutamiento-ejemplo 2

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