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Use the extensions of your virtual VoIPer switchboard on your mobile or PC with softphones. VoIPer has an App for Android or IOS as well as webRTC technology to use the extension on a PC.

These applications are a true revolution to facilitate teleworking.

  • Use the extensions anywhere.
  • Use the extensions on any device.
  • Facilitates teleworking.
  • Access call recordings from your mobile device

VoIPer offers customers a comprehensive solution so that their PBX extensions can be used simultaneously on a desk phone, a PC and a mobile device. With this facility, you will be able to have your extension anywhere in the world with a simple internet connection.

What is a softphone?

It is a software based on Voice over IP (VoIP) or webRTC systems that allows making and receiving calls using a platform or a web application instead of a physical terminal.

Softphones integrate all the functionalities of a landline phone and, in addition, with many features to relocate the workplace. They are also more flexible in terms of configuration and settings, and most VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone systems are cheaper.


Types of Softphones

VoIPer offers you two types of softphone:

Softphone app for mobile devices

By downloading this App on your Android or IOS mobile device you will be able to use your extension on your mobile, thus facilitating teleworking or taking your extension anywhere you move.

  • By downloading this App on your Android or IOS mobile device you will be able to use your extension on your mobile, thus facilitating teleworking or taking your extension anywhere you move.
  • Push notifications
  • Scan a QR code and you will have your APP configured
  • Receive or make calls from your VoIPer extension from your mobile.
  • Integrated with the VoIPer virtual switchboard.

Softphone webrtc application for use on pc.

The VoIPer webRTC softphone application It works through any WEB browser with html5 support, where you can use its extension of the VoIPer Virtual Switchboard, to make and receive calls.

  • Talk to other users of your switchboard for free.
  • Transfer calls to other extensions.
  • Easily configurable.
  • Receive or make calls from your VoIPer extension from your PC.
  • Integrated with the VoIPer virtual switchboard.

What are the advantages of using Voiper softphones?

Have the office in a pocket

Your smartphone offers great facility to make daily calls, send messages, etc … However, when you need to take a call from your company, there are functions that your mobile does not allow.

Softphones for mobiles or PCs are designed to offer an alternative to the use of a personal telephone with the functions of a virtual switchboard.

One of these features is the ability to access the VoIPer Virtual PBX, a mobile softphone can turn your smartphone into a full-featured PBX extension with the flexibility to work from anywhere.

For example:

  • Call transference.
  • Calls on hold
  • Conference.
  • Call recording

Simply, using your phone screen, you can listen to voicemail, search the office directory, dial extensions, transfer a business call, and many more options.

Productivity will no longer be reduced by being away from the office. In addition, the user will no longer have to worry about missing important calls, since his commercial extension is always with him all the time.

Keep personal number private

Companies are opting for BYOD (Bring your own device), a model that implies that employees should not have multiple devices, one for personal issues and another for work, nor should they give customers access to their personal mobile number or from home for company themes.

Using a VoIPer mobile softphone is the solution. Since these are connected to a cloud-based phone system over the Internet.

That means workers on the go can use the app to make and receive business calls on their smartphones, avoiding giving out their personal numbers.

Ease of use and handling

One of the best aspects of VoIPer mobile softphones is that they feature an interactive user interface. This allows you to create shortcuts for the purpose of a better experience.

Following we will name 3 examples of it:

  • Visual Voicemail: Instead of taking the time to navigate through menu requests, review your voicemail messages in a visual format. Our mobile softphone allows you to play and manage your voice messages from the App interface. No dialling numbers or PINs are required.
  • One-click recordings: With a simple tap on the “Record” icon in the call interface, the VoIPer mobile softphone allows you to record a call easily and immediately.
  • Incoming call notifications: in addition to ringtones, the VoIPer softphone will notify incoming calls with a push.

In conclusion, the VoIPer mobile softphone is one of the most efficient corporate mobile telephony solutions, focused on collaboration and cost savings that currently exists. It allows to provision small workspaces with a telephone extension and connect professionals regardless of their location or their travel habits.

Get all these benefits and update the way of communication of your business.

If you want to try a Voiper Switchboard for a 30-day free trial, fill out the form and one of our advisors will contact you as soon as possible

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