Become a Voiper partner and obtain important commissions of your client portfolio.
What benefits do we give to our partners?

  • Maximum expeditiously in the service, activation in less than 24 hours
  • SAT with prioritization sale.
  • High profit margin from the first registration/sign up and the possibility to generate recuring portfolio income
  • Interoperability with the main manufacturer of PBX.
  • Capillarity in more than 20 countries.
  • Continuous formation of our products and services.
  • Your own development platform and the possibility to do personalized projects.

Type of partner



A channel program for professionals of the telecommunications sector that value prosperous and long-lasting relations with a confident supplier and that look for real added value for their clients to progress, complete and give continuity to their business.

  • A channel program for those that have tried others and are not satisfied.
  • Collaboration and personal advising for projects of any magnitude/dimension
  • Commercial strength and technical support.
  • Monetary compensations that guarantee B2B long term business relations
  • Close and flexible treat.
  • Referencing and obtaining markers and opportunities of real business.
  • International support of any of our nodes

Off brand and wholesale

With an off Brand of Voiper, you can start offering your clients their own Brand, the following services:

  • Virtual desktop
  • Hight quality Sip trunking
  • Click To call.
  • Virtual fax
  • National and International numbering

As well as attractive prices, Voiper offers a Pre-sale and an after-sale support necessary to give a rebranding and successful service. Choose between a private label or a wholesale program to support your best business prototype.

  • A high profit margin respect retail distribution
  • Amplify the view of your company without network operations and infrastructure investment, following a 100% OPEX model. L3 support as a support for your technical team
  • Billing platform and extranet for your clients
  • More flexibility establishing your own Brand strategy, marketing and sales
  • Official joining to the CNMT or the corresponding regulatory authority like as a full right supplier
  • Fist level platform (not based in free software) for the management and control of your clients
  • Payment platform
  • Corporate extranet for your clients
  • Geographic SCE numbering supplier and STDP
  • Connectivity and data service supplier.

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