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  • Centralita Virtual para empresas
    Free greeting message!
    No registration cost, no permanence and no need to invest in hardware
  • Call Center en Málaga y Madrid para Empresas
    Add Call Center functions to your virtual PBX.
    Interact with external applications and incoming and outgoing campaigns.
    Predictive dialler and automatic calls made from a list of numbers.
  • Telefonía IP para empresas de calidad en Málaga
    Click To Call BUTTON 30-day free trial!
    Easy to install on your website:
    Offer a differentiated service and increase sales quickly.

voIPer, the business telecom company

Increase the communications features and reduce costs up to 90%


Centralita Virtual voIPer


The VoIPer Virtual PBX will allow you to save costs and improve communications with more than 50 functionalities ...

This service allows you to have the most advanced features of a switchboard without having to install a physical one.

Callcenters para empresas


Professionalize your Call Center with our tool. Improve the control and increase the sales. Thanks to our own engineering we have developed a software that allows you to manage in a more professional way your call centers incoming and outgoing calls.

Telefonia IP en Málaga


Give your website a differentiated feature and boost the sales on your page by using the innovator Click to call button.

Centralita virtual Málaga


A switchboard service designed for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Get a switchboard on your mobile.

This product is designed for freelancers or professionals who wish to professionalize their communications. With this product, you can have a landline to be called by your customers receiving the calls on your mobile.

Other services...

Sip Trunk Málaga Madrid

Sip Trunk

Link your switchboard with our IP telephony service

If you want to maintain your switchboard but also want the benefits from voIPer rates, hire our free trunk sip service and start saving on your national and international calls.

Numeración telefónica Málaga

Telephone Numering

You can choose the device where you want to receive the calls.

voIPer offers geographic national numbers, 902 or 900 numbers. We also offer international numbering for more than 70 countries.

SMS Masivos para publicidad Madrid

Bulk SMS

Create massive SMS campaigns, send and measure results.

In just three steps you can carry out a massive SMS sending from our SMSVOIPER Platform.

Fax virtual para empresas

Virtual Fax

Your internet fax service.

With voIPer you will have a totally virtual fax service. You will receive the faxes in the email and send them through the voIPer client panel.
You no longer need a fax machine, with VoIPer you will save costs and improve functionality.